Similarity Sorting Experiment : Welcome

Welcome to the perceptual similarity sorting experiment. For this experiment you will sort items arranged on a circular arc. The sorting is relative to a central reference item and will proceed from most similar, on the left, to least similar, on the right. The sorting can be done by directly dragging and dropping the items. Note that a dropped item will be inserted into the sequence and neighboring items will shift together to fill the gap left by the dragged item. A looping animation below shows an example of how to conduct the experiment, in this case sorting the items by size relative to the reference. If it is not obvious how to sort an item it is acceptable to guess.

The experiment begins with two example trials to get familiar with the drag and drop task. The experiment continues with five sorting trials for a total of seven sortings. There is no time limit for the experiment but based on preliminary testing we anticipate the total time to complete the experiment will be roughly 5 minutes.

The experiment makes use of HTML5 features and has been tested on a wide range of browsers, but the full compatibility matrix is still being constructed. The experiment is recommended for a desktop or laptop given some inconsistencies with how the HTML5 drag-and-drop feature is implemented for given a touch interface. For more information about this experiment, including the authors and affiliations, please see the about page. This experiment is anonymous and voluntary. You may quit at any time and proceeding to the next screen establishes your consent to participate. Thank you.